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Just a reminder that I've moved :) Please update your feeds!!

I will be redirecting Busy Girl to www.simply-mama.com in the next couple weeks, but for right now, if you can just skip on over there...hit a few buttons...update your feeds/facebook likes (facebook denied my page name change/merger, grr), etc...well, you could win $25 to STARBUCKS!  Yep.  I reward good work with caffeine.



movin' on up, err, over!

That's right - I finally got my ish together and have revamped my blog.  Due to HTML being a pain in my !!! I wasn't able to just revamp this current site.  So instead, please head on over to... [imaginary drumroll in my head]...

Which is our new home!  And I could not be more excited about it :)  I will be redirecting Busy Girl to www.simply-mama.com in the next couple weeks, but for right now, if you can just skip on over there...hit a few buttons...update your feeds/facebook likes (facebook denied my page name change/merger, grr), etc...well, you could win $25 to STARBUCKS!  Yep.  I reward good work with caffeine.



down for the count

We have survived.  Just barely.  Adam and I were both brought down with the most vicious flu earlier this week.  So debilitating that neither of us left our bed for almost 24 hours.  I felt so useless.  And crushed that I couldn't take care of Jake (who mysteriously escaped catching this bug.  How a kid brings home everything under the sun from daycare but doesn't catch the mother of all flus is beyond me.  Scientists should be studying him). 

He still had a grand ol' time though - while both his parents were down for the count.  Entertaining his grandma to no end.  Showing off his clapping abilities.  Crawling up the stairs for the first time ever (must teach Grandma to use camera...).  And standing up like a champ.

This kid has been blowing through developmental milestones the last few weeks and I cannot keep up.  Every day he looks more and more like a little boy and less like a baby.  I'm kind of okay with it though.  I keep saying every month (as cliché as it sounds), THIS IS MY FAVORITE AGE!  He just gets better and better.

Even if he's constantly got boogers all over his nose :)

-No worries, the crib was lowered immediately after we took these photos - safety first!-


footprint valentines

So in a sleep-deprived haze, I decided that I would take the Pinterest world by storm and try to make some Valentine's Day cards from Jake.  They actually turned out to be really cute...

The whole process was very easy, other than wrangling a 10 month old into the correct position to 'stamp' his feet while trying to not get paint all over yourself.  I set up various sheets of paper on our bathroom floor along with some paint on a paper plate.  I had a bath ready to go and stripped Jake down to his diaper before dipping his toes in the paint.  We managed to stamp three pieces of paper because he realized that paint was involved and immediately stuck his hands all over the papers.

My bathroom looked like Dexter Morgan had paid a visit by the time we were done.

I did manage to get a couple footprints to work with...and cut the rest of the 'art' into hearts for other cards.

I kind of love the abstract hearts just as much as the footprints.  Maybe I'll let Jake dabble with some finger paints for our Easter cards.  Some very washable finger paints.


three quarters

Oh Jake.  You're 9 months and in 12 month clothing.  My little grower.  Keep chowing down on those 'nanners cause I love your chunky little thighs.

You are crazy strong.  And a bouncer at heart.  You make little puttering noises when you play with your cars and look up at me immediately after catching a ball.  Because of course I have a big 'yay Jake!' just waiting for you.

Feeding yourself [everything in sight] makes you look so grown up.  Bring on the pickles but hold the mangoes.  And heaven forbid if we run out of those puffs.  You love them so, even when the dog just walks up and snatches it out of your hand.  You don't bat an eye, just giggle and reach for another one.

You're a go-with-the-flow kind of kid.  Which means we take you everywhere.  Home Depot remains your place of choice.  You're about to go on your first airplane little buddy.  I actually wrote about this while you were still in my belly :)  I have a feeling you will flirt your way into the hearts of every passenger.  Or at least I hope so.  In the meantime I've loaded up the iPad with Kipper and the diaper bag with snacks.  Anyone have any advice for traveling with infants?


in my baby bag

Yes, baby bag.  This thing holds much more than diapers.

A huge mamahood transition for me was giving up my beloved little crossbody bag for a diaper bag.  I dreaded this day.  Until I got my hands on the Stevie bag from Kate Spade (thanks to my sisters!)

It's just the right size and is super light to begin with...which is a must when you consider how much stuff you need to carry around.  The two outside drawstring pockets are the perfect size for bottles or puffs and provide easy access to them.  And the wipe-able nylon inside is lined with pockets galore, including a larger one with a diaper changing pad.

It doesn't hurt that it's Kate Spade either.  If I must lug stuff with me, I will lug it in style.

And lug stuff I do.  Other than the typical diapers, wipes and formula, here's what else I'm toting around:

boogie wipes (these are much more gentle than using regular wipes since they are saline-based)
puffs (the sweet potato are the current favorite)
lip vibrance (my current favorite blistex...just a hint of color)
this Melissa & Doug worm toy.  one of Jake's current favorites.
light blanket (these swaddle ones are our favorite)
 and we always toss in a pair of shoes for our little explorer!


little boats

The other day I caught myself staring at Jake with my mouth wide open.  It was like overnight he morphed from this squishy little baby to a little boy.  He turns his head to the side and all I see is a little version of Adam.  And just when I'm starting to tear up at the thought of him getting so old, he crawls over to me, trying to get into my lap for snuggles.

Stay small little buddy.  I want to bottle those snuggles.  And don't want you to outgrow this little Petiti Bateau pajama from Surfdome.  Sweet little boats all over every inch?  Count me in.

I've always loved how effortless Petit Bateau's clothes are, like this striped tunic.  The nautical hints are right up my alley :)  And Surfdome has fantastic deals on Petit Bateau (along with tons of other brands!).  It's a great, one-stop shop for all your favorite UK/EU labels.
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