house tour: part two

So after our tour this morning of the downstairs of our new abode, I thought I should show you the upstairs.  Ya know, where we sleep.  Bring you full-circle.  Or full house.

So to get upstairs, you take these stairs sitting pretty right by the front door.  Hang a righty and you're greeted with this view of our upstairs 'landing'.

Straight ahead is the master bedroom, to the right is the full bath, to the far left resides the guest room and [unseen] to the immediate left is the third bedroom.  Also, that fixture?  Yeah, that's a ceiling fan.  In the hallway.  We can decide if that's brilliant or just plain weird.

Walking straight into the masterbed room you are greeted with a sea of...pink.  Yes, it's mauve town square in here.  Hence why this room is number one of the project list.  But we do love the hardwood floors - they just need to be refinished, and stained to a darker mocha color as opposed the orangey hue they're rockin now.

And the his'n'her's closets aren't too shabby.  Sure they aren't as amazing as the super-human closet we had in our apartment, but it's nice that we can each have our own space.  They're surprisingly deep too.  And adorned with pink doors.  Nice.

Next on the list is the to-be guest room, or the purple room as we've dubbed it.  At least until we change up the paint color to something more suited to male and female visitors.  Surprisingly this room has white trim [woot!] but we'll probably end up touching it up a bit to make sure it's the same color white as the rest of the trim we'll be updating.  So many whites, so little time.

You can really see the ivory-yellow trim color in this photo - it's painted on all the doors too.

The third bedroom was set up as an adorable nursery when the previous owners were here, but we're thinking it would make a great office/reading room.  Perhaps with a daybed in case we have multiple overnight guests.  And the color will be changing as well.  That yellow is, well, really yellow.

Last but not least is the hall bath, that was also recently redone.  We love the new vanity and mirror.

And that about wraps it up for the indoors.  House Tour Part Three will be arriving on the blog next week, with views of the outside.

And maybe, one day, when I find batteries for our Flip, a vlog tour will happen.  Until then I can only find Doritos.  So while you have no video tour, I have an afternoon of crunchy, cheesy goodness.  Things are looking up.


fritzfacts said...

I actually love the fan in the hallway...think summer and not wanting to turn on your air yet. It will push the heat down as the upstairs will be super warm! Brilliant!

Love it! Can't wait to see what you two do with it, all your projects.

fritzfacts at gmail dot com

Carly said...

Love the wood floors! Excited to watch you whip that place into shape, girlfriend.


girlymama said...

come on... you don't want pink doors? PICKY!!!
(that vanity is GORGEOUS!!)

can't wait to see it in person!

Megan said...

can i move in? thanks.

Kae said...

your house actually looks like it has some good bones. I mean, come on! exposed beams in the living area?! pretty awesome. can't wait to see what you have planned for it.

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