i'm on a boat!

Back with another edition of the Adventures of Ricki.  You know, cause his life is way more exciting than mine sometimes.  I'd tell you that I went on the boat this weekend, but that's old news.  However, RICKI going on the boat?  Now that's the stuff headlines are made of.  Cause he doesn't do water.  At all.  But he does do sunbeams, and boats have a lot of those.

So he took his talents to the water.
Well, kind of.  More like on top of the water, on a boat, tied to a dock.  It sounds less exciting than it is.

Although it didn't take much time for him to get comfy.

The constant flow of attention, pets and treats might of had something to do with it.
Next up - actually taking the boat out on the water.  And wrestling him into a doggie lifejacket.

We're going to need to get more treats.

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Amanda* said...

Holy cuteness! That's adorable!!

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