memorial day recap, a wee bit late.

We went camping on Memorial Day weekend and being the ditz I am, I packed two camera batteries and no camera.  Fail.  Luckily my brother-in-law is a fantastic photographer and I was able to snag some of his photos to edit and post.

So without future ado, a weekend in the woods.  Without indoor plumbing.

Look ma!  No shower!

Lots and lots of hiking.  Except for Megan, she got a free ride.
snort.  newlyweds.

My mountain man :)
We actually drank water from that stream.  It was so perfectly clear and refreshing.

It was like watching an old movie when I looked at these two.  Like Little Rascals or Huckleberry Finn...or I'm just making this up.   I think the rolled up jeans are making me nostalgic.

I apparently have some mad fire building skills.
But don't expect me to go all mountain man on you anytime soon.  As much as I love spending the weekend among nature and my family, I really adore my indoor plumbing.  And showers.


girlymama said...

looking at pictures of camping makes me forget the bugs and the lack of plumbing and want to go camping again...

Megan said...

so..like...you sleep there and everything?

my family and i used to "camp"

and by camp i mean we would go set up at a camp site, start a fire, eat, roast mashmellows, plays in the woods, then at night pack everything up and go home.

so basically we had a picnic.

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