wine and a winner

We went wine tasting Friday night.  Which is our standard winter social activity.
It really is winter isn't it?
[still in denial]

But wine tasting makes you forget that it's cold outside.  Cozy inside with a glass of vino.  Laughing and sharing stories with friends.  Strolling around the little shop pretending you know what a tannin is.  And swirling.  Because all the people that know what they're doing swirl.
I'm quite the wine connoisseur.

You know how you click on someone's blog and they're having a giveaway but no one has entered yet.  And the internal battle begins.  Do you risk it and be the first to comment?  Or abandon ship and come back to comment later?  Will you really remember to come back?  Maybe you should just comment now just in case...
But no one wants to be the first comment.
The first comment never wins.
Until today.  The Random.org Gods have spoken.


Miss Sarah, commenter number ONE is taking home the gold.  The gold being her choice of a fabulous state or country love print from Zavalick Designs.


Rachel said...

I loooove wine. It's a problem.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We went wine tasting Friday too..and then signed up for their wine club. We felt so official. Happy Monday!

Joelle said...

Mmmmmm I love going wine tasting! I have a date to go up to wine country the first weekend in December, and I can't wait :)

Oh, and your blog is absolutely adorable!


Marshall said...

wine tasting. Oh Nicole, if only you could take me with you. Wine is practically my middle name.

chanel said...

Wine tasting is delightful in winter. I do it every February that I go to visit my girlfriend in Seattle. Because...when you get that warm fuzziness inside of you, you don't care how cold it is out. :)

xo chanel

Eliza said...

Hey! I'm visiting via Freckled Italian - your blog is adorable :) I'm happy to be a new follower! xoxo, eliza

Be Inspired said...

I love you blog!:)

a girl with a smile said...

adorable blog!

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