festive pup

The dog is totally on board with Christmas this year.
 He's already knocked over six presents.
Peed on one tree.
Scratched his butt on the other.
Eaten a lonely gingersnap.
And claimed the ornaments for himself.

Apparently ornaments are the new toy.
[don't worry, we took them away]


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

haha, that's cute. I was watching one of our cats last night. He'll sit on the table aside of the tree and swat at the balls until they fall off the tree, then move to more.

meesch said...

haha, he is too cute!


Rissy said...

hahaha your dog seems to really be in the Christmas spirit ; )

My dog seems to enjoy the ornaments as well. Shiny and sometimes noisy... win win lol

Hannah said...

adorable! xo

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

melissamevans said...


Megan said...

you know your dog can break and choke on those

obnoxious commenter

Angie said...

OMG, what a cutie he is!!!

Our kitties have tried climbing on the tree, eating the fake pine needles and have knocked down a plastic Goofy ornament which they have been batting around the room!

Kerri said...

aww! he's adorable.

Faith said...

hehe, good thing he is adorable!

Jennifer Lien said...

This post is hilarious! And yet, we still love them. :)

Joelle said...

That's so funny...I was afraid my little Olive would do the same, but all she's done is pee on my tree skirt so far. Not so bad?

But at least your pup is adorable! It makes up for it :)


Miss Chelsea said...

Oh gosh! I took my dog over to my parents with me and he immediately hiked his leg and peed on the presents under the tree!! Silly little things

Tamara B said...

Ahww...How adorable!! Sounds like my dog lol :)

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