last night of singledom

Six lovely ladies, one bachelorette, tom collins and Cleveland all make for one fabulous night out!

An evening celebration of my FSIL's last few weeks as a single (well, engaged) woman was much needed.  We started out with dinner at La Strada on East 4th, a Mediterranean bistro inspired by Italian, Turkish, Moroccan, Spanish and Greek kitchens.  I wish I had taken a close-up photo of the food, amazing!

And then headed back to our suite for some present opening.
 Then out for the night up and down East 4th.
 I simply cannot wait for this girl to marry my brother on Saturday.  She's simply amazing and I adore her!
 I love our friends, such good times!
 And obviously, we get a little silly sometimes :)
 But that's okay :)  We had a fabulous time!


hello out there!

Most of you know me from my ye olde (okay, I was just there yesterday) Typepad blog at http://www.busygirlblog.com/, but for those of you who are venturing here for the first time, bonjour :)

I'm Nicole...a busy girl as alluded to by the blog title and after five years on Wordpress and one on Typepad I'm making my way to Blogger.  What can I say, I've got to try it all.

As for a proper intro?  Well, the short and sweet version is that I married my best friend last year and we JUST bought a house (yipee!).  We have an adorable 12lb ball of fluff who you will come to know as Ricki the Rockstar.  He's famous for being an untrainable dog.  But we smother him with love, kisses and lots of carrots.  For a more detailed look at us and our life, click on the About Us tab above (scroll up) and you'll find more information that you ever wanted to know including how we take our coffee.

So here we are...a fresh new start...until I manage to import our old posts from http://www.busygirl.typepad.com/.  Until then...

BusyGirl&Co  (Nicole, Adam & Ricki)
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