chips in the woods

Happy three-day weekend!  Are you as excited as I am?
Probably more so, since you are doing something involving indoor plumbing.  I on the other hand will be 'roughing it' with my family in the woods of Pennsylvania, living off the land and eating my body weight in Doritos.

Seriously, we never buy Doritos.  That bag is just asking to be consumed.

[last year's camping extravaganza involved a reenactment of the lion king.  Complete with three Simbas.]

We're only camping till Sunday since we've got quite the laundry list of housework to get done since it just.  won't.  stop.  raining.  Have a great weekend with your friends and family!  And please join me in ODing on Doritos.  I've got the Cool Ranch branch covered.

mama's another year old

It's my mama's birthday.
Isn't she pretty?

She turned 29 again,
as all mothers do.
I'd tell you her real age, but I want to live to see tomorrow.
She looks good for 29 right?
Of course, that would mean she had me when she was three.
I think we can agree to overlook the science just this once.

Happy birthday Mom!


new look, you like?

Penny Lane Designs gave Busy Girl a makeover.
Absolutely amazing to work with, you should check her out!


phototography challenge

In addition to my wine aerator extraordinaire, for my birthday I received a much coveted lens for my camera.  A cherished present from my hubby, who always manages to surprise me :)

Seems like the perfect time to embark in a photo challenge.

Are you in?

I'm planning on combining five of the photos into a post, so I don't become a serial poster.  Maybe on Fridays...when my brain just doesn't seem to function properly.  All that caffeine and sugar catches up to me at the week's end.

Leave a note if you're participating in Nicole Addison's challenge, I'd love to stop by and see!
Guess who's birthday it is??

That's right, this pup.
He turns the big 1-0 today.
Old man.


swingin' doggie

Since this morning was more of a 'poor-ol-me' post due to the storm that rocked the north, I thought a happier note was in order.

Specifically my dog.  On a swing.

He was so not impressed.  And walked a little lopsided afterwards.

the maybe apocalypse

Last night was not a fun night.

We're without power but we're okay.  And incredibly lucky, compared to most of the people who live around us.  The aftermath isn't pretty.

We had a storm roll through Northern Ohio that was definitely one for the books.  And unfortunately we were outside, playing volleyball, in sand, surrounded by METAL poles when it hit.  Baseball-sized hail, down pouring rain causing flash floods, lightning and thunder just rolling.  And a cyclone forming in the next town over.

We managed to make it inside the bar, but needed to make it home before there was a tornado.  So off we went, driving through knee-high water and now ping-pong-sized hail.

We almost made it home, so close.  But every road was blocked because it was flooded or a gigantic tree was laying across it.  Adam finally just got out of the car and ran home to make sure that Ricki was okay.  It took me half an hour to finally get to our house, but I had to drive through someone's lawn and a flooded street to get there. And then I just couldn't believe that we didn't have any damage. 
Just our neighbor's chimney, sitting in our front yard.
Like a yard gnome, only cuter.

Most of our neighbors weren't as lucky.  Flooding throughout, trees on their lawn, their driveway, their house.  It's going to be a long clean-up process.

We were lucky the forming cyclone never actually touched the ground.  But that storm, geez, I thought maybe that guy was just a few days off on his prediction.  Luckily it was just a fluke, and over as quickly as it came.  And thankfully we have no where near the level of devastation that is being experienced down south.

Instead we get to camp out for a few days until the power comes back on.  Bring on the chips cause we can't open the fridge!


the maybe-or-maybe-not apocalypse

Three posts in one day?  Apparently I'm talkative.  Those three weeks of internet silence has me bursting with words.  Most of which are unintelligent.

But I digress.

After returning home at 2am from Vegas, I slept.  A lot.  As in 13 glorious hours.  Until the overzealous birds woke me up.  I love spring but those birds, so talkative.  Or horny.  Something is making them chirp an awful lot lately.  Adam and I spent a home improvement day at home, yes, that means yard work.  That's right, pulled me some weeds.  I don't do yard work.  Especially when I'm tired and cranky and it's actually hot out.  In Cleveland.  The rapture was going to happen Saturday.  Sun in Cleveland?  It was a sign.

But here I am.  I apparently wasn't as well behaved as everyone else.  Since I was left behind.

Speaking of, ever read the Left Behind series?  Phenomenal books.  I highly recommend you go get them.  In preparation for the next apocalypse.  In October I believe?  I hope it doesn't ruin Halloween, I've already got some stellar costume ideas.

Back to the weekend.  After the unnecessary long afternoon of weeding, we had a mini-dinner party Saturday night with my brother and SIL.  Adam had downloaded a new food app a few days ago and was dying to try grilled vegetable risotto.  Which was unlike any risotto I've had before.  Seriously, divine.  I will have to post the recipe here.  I took a photo of my food [food photo junkie] but alas, it is stuck on my camera until tonight.  I promise, you will see this creation and be hungry.

We also made salmon, but that was more of a side dish.  Not that it wasn't good, but that risotto just demanded to be the center of attention.  We used my new Vinturi Deluxe wine aerator too.  My parents-in-law got it for me.  I love it.  You should get one, it will change your life.

We thought we were all sophisticated with our $6.99 bottle of wine, doing before and after tastings.  You actually can tell the difference, it's remarkable.  Of course, we could also just buy better wine.  But who are we to not use such an amazing gift?

vegas baby

I went to Vegas last week.  For the first time ever.
I know, I'm deprived.
26 years old and never had the 'vegas experience'

Last week wasn't so much a fleeting rendition of 'The Hangover' as it was a work trip, but I still had a marvelous time exploring.

I fell in love with a drink.  It's called Autumn in Paris.  Anjou pear vodka, Pineau des Charentes, pear puree and fresh sweet and sour - yes please.

The architecture, swoon.  Seriously, was not expecting that.

I think I'm a foodie.  Or just someone who likes to take photos of food.  Either way, I was smitten with everything I ate.

And with giant chocolate fountains.  And singing gondoliers.

Well played Vegas, I'll be back.  Especially since I won $14.80 at the casino.  Just rollin' in the dough over here.


There's something magical about spring awakening.

Even if it comes six weeks late.  It's okay Cleveland, I forgive you.  As long as you make summer last six weeks longer.

Since moving into our house, lovely suprises have appeared all around the yard.

I cannot wait to see what summer sunshine will bring.


pardon the dust

New blog design is being installed within the next week.  Cannot wait!
Until then, don't mind the offcenter, random headers, colors, etc.



wedding pretties

As most of you know, my brother married my best friend in March.
How lucky am I?

They had our same photographer...who is amazing.  Seriously amazing.
Just look.

She's unbelieveably gorgeous.
Those shoes.  I must.  Borrow.
Does love get any sweeter?

Or any more fun?
So happy for them both!

nautical gal

That's right, it's offical.  I can operate a boat.  Legally.

Be scared.  Cause I'm still not sure how to even turn the dang thing on.

As you may have guessed from my utterly boring cries-for-entertainment tweets on Saturday, Adam and I finally gave up a Saturday to go get our boating licenses.  Since his family has a boat.  And we spend all summer on it.  Glorious.

The class?  Not so glorious.  Think driver's ed in slooooow motion.  And then cry tears of joy that you only have to take it once in your entire life.

Unless you were born before 1982.  Then you are apparently just born with nautical traffic laws ingrained in your mind.  Right.

But I did it, learned all the lights, sounds and that waving your hands furiously indicates you are either spazing out or in danger.  And while I could go on and on about how utterly bored I was, I feel 100% better knowing that in a pinch, I might be able to get the boat back to shore safely.  Even if we do end up beached and have to swim the last mile.

I earned this baby.  Kind of badass.  Although not quite on the level of helicopter license.  Now that, that would be badass.


happy [dog] mom day!

I may not have kids (yet) but I'm still a mom to one hairy, spoiled little pup.  And my husband the dog didn't let me forget it today :)

Such a sweet surprise for a Friday.

Happy Mother's Day (early) to those with four-legged 'kids'!


where in the world...

...have I been?  Well, buried in boxes for one thing.  And living in the dark ages for another.

Yes, no internet yet.  I die.

No worries though,   Once my husband gets everything set up.  And we can find important things like power cords.  We're actually living at my mom's house starting today for the next four days, so YES!  Internet will be had!  Why you might ask?  When we just moved into our gorgeous new house?  Well, we're in the process of moving my 88-year-old grandmother from California to Ohio, and while my mom is out enjoying the sunshine cleaning out her house, Grandma is relaxing here.  So us kids are on Grandma-duty until further notice.

The cons?  Not unpacking and a longer drive to work.  The pros?  Quality Grandma time and INTERNET!

Let's be honest, I would never had survived in the 1800s.
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