boys of summer


i'm on a boat! no really.

Let's talk numbers.
Fourteen.  That's how many things I had written on my to-do list for this past weekend.
Zero. How many of those items I crossed off that list.
Two.  How many movies I watched this weekend.
One.  How many of those movies made me want to scratch my eyes out.  Couples Retreat.  Seriously, not even remotely funny or entertaining.
One.  Number of ceilings Adam painted last week.  More on that to come.
Two. How many days I spent sunbathing, swiming and enjoying every second out on the water.

But who am I to complain?  Summer is just filled to the brim and overflowing.  Every night, every day, every second has something scheduled.  And while I throw myself fullheartedly into the busy schedule, every once in a while I just need to breathe.  To step back.  And enjoy the sunshine on my face.  The smell of the lake.  Which conincidently smells like dead fish most of the time.  But this weekend it smelled fresh.  Maybe the fish-eating animals were taking a break as well.

I sat on a boat for two days and didn't have a care in the world.
Until I burned the crap out of my part.
I so carefully applied sunscreen every two hours and it's my hair that gets burned.  Do they make sunscreen for your head?  They should, because brushing my hair has become a major pain this week.

I ate doritos (shameful).  Licked the residue of too many cheetos off my fingers (sorry Megs).  And took amazing photos.  Like this.

Do not fear.  He made it over the railing on the bow and into the water.  And for reference, that railing is a cool two feet high.

But now it's back to reality and our insanely busy schedule.  Until August.  Cause we're going on vacation for a week...I might pee my pants with excitement.  TMI.  Speaking of...feeling the urge to guest post while I'm basking in more sun'n'surf?  Send me a note pronto and I'll schedule you in.

Oh and while you're at it...if you're a fellow googler and read this, can you add yourself to google connect to the right?  I know most of my readers just kept the feed when I switched over to blogger, but being connected this way makes it muchhhh easier for me to contact you in reponse!  Love ya for it.


if it's on a tshirt...

...it must be true.

This attire was the result of an anniversary gift from my brother and SIL.  Adam has an uncanny way of talking himself out of trouble with me by starting every story with, 'there I was, wearing my I love my Wife t-shirt and the fireworks just FELL into the shopping cart...'

This happens more than I care to think.

Hence the shirt.

Well played, Megan.  Well played.


the one where i go on about fruit.

Is there any bad mood that a bowl full of ripe cherries cannot fix?
I doubt it.  Well, maybe your food band-aid is chocolate, but for me?  Cherries.  And it's not really the food, it's the nostalgia that comes with every bite.

See, I didn't like cherries.

Until I ventured to Spain.  And one blissful summer day I found myself perusing the crowded morning market before venturing across the bridge with my best friend to watch the paddle boats on the River Tormes.  All afternoon we laid in the sun, stuffed ourselves with rich, red cherries and cheese and talked about our adventures to come.

It's one of those perfect moments that I'm instantly transported back to the moment I bite into a dark red cherry.
They say smell has the strongest memory, but taste wins it for me on this one.  I couldn't tell you what the air smelled like...but I'll always remember the warmth of the sun on my face, the sound of my best friend's laughter,
...and of course, the taste of too many cherries.


wordless wednesday: me thinks my husband aims to please

At least enough so that everyone gets their specific piece of cake.



What's that?  I didn't take any photos this weekend.
Because I was doing this:

Yes, I know that's Adam.  But he looks so darn cute when he plays.  I, on the other hand, am a sweaty mess covered in sand.  I still haven't gotten the hang of diving without actually inhaling the sand.  It must be one of those volleyball pro tricks.  In the meantime, I looked it up.  There's no nutritional gain to eating sand.  Crap, I thought I was onto something.

So this is what we did...ALL weekend long plus Monday. Three tournaments in three days.  Four for Adam, since he had two tournaments last night.  In 90 degree heat and humidty.
Gatorade should sponsor us.

So light on the posting this week unless something earth-shattering happens.  We're both just spent.  Hopefully we can tackle some more of the bedroom later this week, when we're able to lift our arms again.  If and when we're able to.


bedroom progress: ding-dong the pink is gone

...well, most of it.  The dark, creepy portions of it anyway.

Even though I was exhausted (and a tad whiny), Adam managed to convince me to spend a few more hours prepping the room to paint the other night.  Seriously, he held the grey paint sample in front of my face, I was like one of those dogs chasing a hot dog.  Sure, I'll sand!  Sure, I'll prime!

Well, I'll prime, because Adam had gotten a head start on spackling up the leftover holes from removing the chair rail.  After letting the spackle harden, he grabbed a few sheets of 3M's General Purpose 150 grit sandpaper to ward off any lumps or bumps.  For the especially tough spots (and after his arm got tired from sanding), he turned to his trusty Ryobi Finish Sander.
After we had a nice, smooth finish, I grabbed my can of primer and got to work.  We actually used a can of leftover trim paint that we found in the garage from the previous owners.  In an effort to save some green, we decided to use what we had on hand for the first few coats that would eventually be unseen, and use our saved pennies for the final coat.

I worked around the room, covering up the bottom portion of the wall that was painted a dark mauve, carefully feathering the top line into the light pink portion so there wouldn't be any ridges.  We thought about priming the entire wall, but since the top portion is such a light color, it only seemed necessary on the bottom portion, as along as we didn't leave any distinct lines of paint. 

Voila!  The pink is gone!  But we're not done quite yet.  Priming the wall left a clean slate behind, but those areas that needed additional spackling and sanding became more pronounced.  Adam had his work cut out for him.

So while he was tackling the problem spots with a second spackle/sand coat, I decided to slap a coat of primer on the window trims as well.  Using our trim brush I carefully cut in around the wood, careful not to cover the caulking with paint.  Although it doesn't damage the caulking, paint doesn't stick to silicone completely and will peel at the slightest touch later on.  I figured I'd avoid the problem by leaving the caulking alone.

Here's a close-up of the windowsill, you can see the slight line of caulking along the bottom trim.  It really doesn't appear that yellow in real life, it's hardly noticeable actually since the caulking on our windows is a clear silicone.  Later on, when it needs redoing, we'll probably opt for a silicone caulking with a white color base to blend into the window panes a bit more.

Feeling accomplished I thought I'd tackle another project, but time ran out as storms rolled in, making it impossible to keep the windows open for good airflow.  Which is essential considering we were using paint containing VOCs as our primer.  We'll opt for low-VOC paint when we get going on the final coat, but it's hard to pass up free materials.


magazine cover model, yup that's me.

No really.  Our wedding photographer emailed me today to let me know that the newest issue of Today's Bride is out and that I might want to check it out.
I already knew that my beautiful SIL and brother were going to be featured in it.  Cause they're pretty.  And people like looking at pretty people.  So of course I completely put off everything I was doing to go take a gander at their Real Wedding feature.  Seriously, isn't this spread amazing???

If you can't tell, I absolutely love their wedding photos.  Gorgeous.  Just gorgeous.
And I'm smitten that the Jimmy Choo photo made it in.
So why the 'cover model' title?  Well, if you must know...apparently our photographer also submitted some photos from our wedding and well...

Oh yes, those are my feet...on the cover...of a magazine.  Thank God for that pedicure the day before.

Still kind of in shock that Ohio will be staring at my knobby ankles and scuffed up shoes.  But pleasantly surprised.  It's not every day your feet make it big.

Out of staters, check out the online version of the mag here!

Special thanks to Cavanaugh Photography for the submission and amazing photography!

keeping with tradition

YEAR ONE: Paper.
As in, Happy Anniversary, I got you this ream of 500 white sheets?
Nah, I had to get a bit creative.  Which was alright with me.  The whole point of the paper anniversary is to take something simple and make it memorable.  Paper is such a humble yet versatile material.  And once I found a bunch of colored envelopes, I knew exactly what I would create for my hubby of one year!

A colorful alphabet!  Tied up to our lovely spindles with ribbon and held with paperclips (couldn't find the clothespins, still packed).  A little note tucked inside the green 'start here' envelope explained the paper anniversary and encouraged Adam to take a peek in the rest of the envelopes.

Each lettered envelope housed a little note for Adam to keep.  I just whipped up an word document with each letter and formatted them in different fonts.  After printing each letter on cardstock (and trimmed to a 3x5 size), I colored in each letter (the color printer and I were not having a good day, so black'n'white it had to be)!  Each note started with the respective letter and contained a little tidbit of things I love about him, about us and about our lives together.  I had to get a bit creative with some of the letters, but I'm sure Adam loves our eXtraordinary life as well.

It may have been a bit cheesy, but I'm glad I stuck to tradition!  And I love seeing the cheerful garland when I come downstairs in the morning.  Sure we'll have to take down this colorful alphabet eventually, but right now it makes me smile.

anniversaries mean food. good food.

365 days as a married couple, that deserves a steak dinner right?  So, Adam and I headed to the well-known Strip Steakhouse in the historic district of Avon on Friday night to celebrate our first anniversary.

It was divine.  Seriously.
The restaurant resides in a restored barn from 1851 that used to raise horses for military use.  It was dark and cozy inside with only a handful of tables to keep your meal feeling intimate and special.
And the food.  Wow.  I will now tempt you with the few photos of our meal I snapped before devouring more than I should have.
Starting with one of our favorites: Great Lakes Brewery's seasonal Lake Erie Monster
And then spent two hours feasting on homemade perogies, pretzel bread with peanut butter butter (amazing), strip steak, porterhouse steak, lobster pasta and garlic smashed potatoes.
Oh, and they gave us a cake for dessert.  Because one year is a big deal.  And apparently we look like the kind of people who like to eat cake.
It was amazing.  I cannot wait until we can save up some pennies to go back.  If you're in the Cleveland area you should check out Strip Steakhouse, you won't be disappointed.


this time last year...

We said 'I do'...

Surrounded by our favorite people...

And enjoyed every moment of celebrating!

[all photography via cavanaugh photography]


our [almost] anniversary

It's the weekend!! Well, almost.  Close enough.  It's Friday and I'm wearing jeans.  It's like a vacation for my pants.

Busy weekend ahead...tonight we're celebrating our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary...a day early.  See my FIL's birthday fell on the day we tied the knot, so this year we'll let him have the day, and spend our rehearsal dinner night trying out a new restaurant, sipping wine and living life on the wild side by ordering dessert.

Side note: 11 years ago today, two people DID tie the knot.  Check out my older sister/brother-in-law.  Don't they look just dapper?

Quite.  I won't post photos of myself from their wedding day since I was sportin' rather trendy blue chiffon scarf.  And Wren?  Well, she was dancing up a storm in her clogs.  We were quite the happenin' 15 year olds.

Back to the present: Saturday should be a stellar day for some boating and birthday celebrations.  The water is supposed to hit above freezing (I'm exaggerating, it's really like 70 degrees but I'm a baby when it comes to cold water).  So much for a summer of fun in the lake, we have to stay on the lake instead.  Sunday I'll be occupied second-shooting a wedding while Adam is free to do whatever his heart desires.  As long as it involves laundry.  And possibly emptying the dishwasher.  I'm a quite the demanding wife.  And Monday, well, it just calls for a cookout, rain or shine.  Fourth of July means hot dogs and beer.  And friends and family.  And relaxing before heading back into the work week.

What about you, big weekend plans?
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