diy housewarming invites

So we're throwing a housewarming party (6 months late) and you're all invited.  Provided you can make it to Cleveland and figure out where we live.  No gifts necessary, your presence at our front door will be surprise enough.

And obviously, the main benefits of this party are that
1) I get to make a ton of food.
2) I get to eat a ton of food.
3) I get to try to be crafty while avoiding helping with the messy home improvement jobs.

So while Adam's been busy playing  Mr-Fix-It, I've been busy brainstorming ideas.  Namely, the invites.  Which started out as a regular ol' invitation, but then while straightening up our piles of renovation supplies I spotted a stack of unused paint chip cards that were begging to be repurposed.
Or at least be of some use since we really haven't a clue about the house color scheme yet.

So instead I created these.

It was really quite simple.  I composed a little invite message and ran it through printer (onto regular paper) to see where the words ended up on the paper.  I then lined up the paint chip directly over the words (so they would print on the chip instead) and secured it with a couple pieces of scotch tape.  Crossed my fingers and ran it through the printer and voila!  Words on a paint chip!  
(Specifically on Lowe's Olympic Paint chips)

I just kept taping a new paint chip on the same piece of paper and running it through the printer.  An easy solution for 'odd' shaped or sized pieces of paper that you need to print on.
And now, onto planning the important stuff.  Like food.  And what else I can create out of free supplies.


brownies. and not the kind you eat.

But the football kind.  From Cleveland.

I was completely looking forward to finally wearing my vintage-inspired Browns hoodie to a game instead of just in front of the tv.  But of course, as soon as we finally have time to go to a game, I couldn't find it anywhere in the house.  
Seriously, was throwing rooms apart trying to find it.
I bet the dog pulled it into an undisclosed location for a nap.
He does that with our laundry sometimes.  It's kind of weird.  And endearing.

So instead I threw on an orange tee and went with it.  My favorite Browns hoodie would have to make its debut some other time.  Actually, it's kind of fate, because it ended up being in the 70s.  Talk about the perfect football day.

We had a blast.  I don't think I've tailgated like this since college.
Which reminds me that I'm definitely not in college anymore.  And can't tailgate like I used to.

I love these friends.

And the significant others too.

And Cleveland football.
Even if we don't always win.  At least we did on Sunday!


try this: agurke salad

Back with another edition of easy recipes made with ingredients you already have.  Cause those are the kind I like.

This recipe is courtesy of Adam's Danish Aunt who never seems to mind that we occasionally invite ourselves over to eat.  We actually made this ourselves for the first time last night.  It's almost gone.

Oops.  Time to make more.

2 cucumbers, thinly sliced (we used our meat slicer!)
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup sugar

Heat vinegar and sugar in a pan (stirring constantly) until sugar dissolves.  Pour over cucumbers and refrigerate for 2 hours.  That's it.  Three ingredients and two steps.  You're welcome.

PS- Agurke means 'cucumber' in Danish.  In case you didn't pick up on that.


fourth wheel

We have a third wheel in our house.
Okay, fourth wheel.  Since Ricki technically thinks he's a human.
But lucky number four is definitely Pooh Bear.

We have a thing for Pooh.
Even though we're full-grown adults.  We hold on tight to this beloved childhood character.
We even had Pooh come to our wedding.  Incognito though.  Cause he wouldn't wear a tux.
Instead he contributed a quote to our unity candle.

Which I was going to post a photo of until I realized that you can't see the quote, only the top portion.  Just pretend you see it down there at the bottom.

Wherever I am, there's always Pooh, There's always Pooh and Me.

If you think this makes us childish, then you must know that we walked out of the church to 'Star Wars'.
Okay, I totally did not prove a point just then.

Moving on.   I was wasting hours on pinterest looking for inspiration for our gallery wall that we're in the process of creating (more on that later this week).  Progress has been made but now I'm stuck with the daunting task of filling the frames with meaningful things that will tickle me every time I walk up the stairs.

And I came across this quote.  Thank you Pinterest.
 How can you not love a childhood character that so perfectly sums up everything you're feeling in a quote.
Life with Adam is such an adventure.  Just the way it should be.
And this quote just belongs in our home.

What about you.  Any childhood friends that have stuck around over the years?
For the record, my favorite princess was Belle.


guest post: ten june

I have a guest for you today.  
Get excited.
Cause it's Michelle from Ten June - the amazing home of all things pretty and DIYed. Not only does the girl have great style, but she whips up full-room makeovers like it's nothing.  I am beyond envious of her new office makeover.  But you may know her from her infamous bathroom makeover.
Grey cabinets.  Swoon.
Here she is :)

* * * * * * *

Hi friends! I'm Michelle from Ten June. I'm happy to be popping by Nicole's blog today!
Now that we're in September, I've got all things fall on the brain. And there really isn't much better about fall besides fall fashion! Well, maybe college football and pumpkin spice lattes, but I think we can all agree on that : ) To me, fall fashion is all about a mix of fun materials- flannel, leather, cozy knits, corduroy- and dark, rustic colors.
Especially at this time of year (and especially down here in Georgia, where it will stay hot for a little while longer!), it's fun to pair summer and fall pieces for a transitional summer-to-fall look.
Ok, so nowwww I need to go hide the debit card because I'm ready to shop for fall!
Thanks so much for having me, Nicole!!



I'll be honest.
This week has been a kick in the pants.
And unless you want to read about the fact that I managed to burn frozen pizza the other night, well I've got nothing.

So why don't we gander at some pretties.  
Cause time spent pinning is time spent winning.
Yes I just made that up.
And it's pretty cheesy.


Currently making my heart happy this week:
pssst. secrets.
tea.  in the morning.  in the afternoon.  at every moment.

fall food on the horizon.

blazers and boots and scarves.   promises of cooler weather to come.

jewelry inspired by nature.

living for now.

What's your pinsession?
Get it?  Pinterest + obsession?
Yeah, should've quit while I was ahead.


typical day.

Jumping on the bandwagon.
Thanks to Stacey and Natalie.
But I will admit, that I am kind of curious.
What is your typical day like?

Cause here's mine:

2:10am: Dog wakes me up to go outside
4:20am: Dog decides it's breakfast time somewhere and must eat. right. now.
5:12am: 1st alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.
5:22am:  2nd alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Promise to wake up to first alarm tomorrow.
5:28am: Dog becomes irritated at alarm ringing.  Begins his morning routine of pawing me and whining in my face.
5:32am:  3rd alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Dog is in full revolt now.
5:39am:  Become irritated.  Mutter bad words at dog while dragging my self out of bed.
5:40am: Shower, dry hair and get dressed.
6:23pm: If awake enough to forgive dog, take him for a walk.  Otherwise, just let him out in the backyard.
6:30am: Necessary chugging of coffee.
6:40am: Leave for work
7am-4pm: Day job.  Pretty exciting.
4:15pm: Arrive home.  IMMEDIATELY take dog for walk.  Because he fears he may never see the outdoors if we do not go right that second.
4:45pm:  Go through mail, change into my standard uniform of yoga pants.
5:15pm: Open fridge several times trying to determine what dinner I could possibly make with our limited selection of food.  Promise to go grocery shopping tomorrow.
5:22pm: Adam calls to let me know he's on his way.  Dog immediately begins barking nonstop.  How does he know?
5:40pm: Adam arrives home.  Immediately get back in the car and go get Subway for nourishment.  Dog goes through several grieving stages as though he is being abandoned.
5:50pm: Arrive home.  Dog thinks we have been gone for four years.  Practically pees on us in excitement.
5:53pm: Eat subs, watch DVRed 'Wilfred'.  Laugh hysterically.
6:40pm: Clean up dinner.  
6:42pm: Dog is convinced that the outdoors have disappeared.  Let him out to prove him wrong.
6:43pm:  Either get ready for volleyball, work on our current home improvement project or settle in on the couch for a movie, tv, reading or blogging.
9:00pm: Get ready for bed, if we manage to stay up that late.  Unless we had volleyball.  Then we don't get home till 11ish.
9:10pm: Throw 'Big Bang Theory' in the DVD player.  Watch two episodes and fall asleep midway through the third..
11:34pm: Dog steals pillow.
11:35pm: Dog forced to relocate to the bottom of the bed.
11:36pm: zzzzzzzzz.

And there you have it.  Our exciting weekday life.
Sometimes we watch 'Two and a Half Men' while we eat dinner.
Ya know, we like to change it up.  Keep things interesting.

So what's your day like?


breakfast goodies.

Sometimes on Sunday mornings Adam gets real ambitious.  Ambitious enough to tackle our leftovers from dinner and make something spectacular for breakfast.  Like baby potatoes, steak, onions and eggs.
My stomach thanks him.

And even though I don't particularly care for bloody marys, I gave this morning's creation a try.  Not terrible.  Especially since it was made with fresh homemade salsa.

That must have been the saving grace of this drink.
The vodka had nothing to do with it.

This is what I look like in the morning.
Just kidding.
I'm not normally so blurry.

No makeup, dirty hair and hiding behind my cup of tea.
And that's Sunday.


a run in with the vatican

We went to a wedding at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on Saturday night.  In 97 degrees and straight humidity.  My hair didn't stand a chance.

Adam looked dapper though.

[on me - coral dress from macys, bow pumps from aldo, beaded braided bracelet from old navy]
[on adam - express shirt, express tie, express suit.  half of which is missing because it was so bloody hot out] 

I walked around the gardens oohing-and-ahhing over things like roses.  Which also grow in our backyard.  So they're not as exotic as I'd like to think.
The Cardinal of Honduras was in attendance.  So we were on our best behavior.  And were highly disappointed that he didn't wear his cool hat to the reception.
He was a shoo-in for favorite party guest with that hat.

And I walked around some more.

Nasty hair.  I'm disappointed.

And that was our weekend.  Other than lots of home improvement.  And Adam dropping a 150 pound door on my toe. I forgave him.  About an hour later and two cupcakes later.


what the world needs.

The other day I wrote a love letter.
To a stranger.

I couldn't tell you their name or the color of their eyes.
But I can tell you that they probably deserved a love letter.
Probably needed one.

So while I sat in a Starbucks, waiting for a friend, I wrote a love letter.
To no one, and to everyone.
It went a little something like this:

See, I had a bad day that morning.  I stubbed my toe.  I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear.  My breakfast was stale.  I was exhausted.  Nothing seemed to go as planned.
Until I sat down with a cup of coffee.  
And remember what my friend Hannah had already remembered over 400 times.
That even if you're having a bad day, someone else is having a worse one.
So why not cheer them up?

Who's them?  Well, them could be anyone.
And even if the person that picked up my letter if having a good day, it might be remembered on one that isn't quite as joyful.
And thus, the love letter has done its job.
Spread the joy, the love, the appreciation of one stranger to the next.

I sat through my coffee date with the letter tucked inside my notebook.
And upon leaving, slyly tucked it under the promotional sign promising the return of the pumpkin spiced latte.

My heart was pounding as I walked out the double doors.  Hoping no one saw, almost feeling like I was committing a crime by leaving that little envelope tucked on a table.
All while wondering if someone would pick it up.
Would anyone see it?
Or would they simply think it was trash?

But as I reached my car a sense of exhilaration came over me.
At possibly making someone's day a little better than my own.
And wonderment.
At who could possibly be the recipient of my little note.

This world needs more love letters.
Won't you write one?


oh hey fall

Welcome to September.

That's right, summer is over.  Even if it is still 92 degrees today.

My friends in Texas are laughing at me.  Because 92 degrees is like winter compared to what they're dealing with right now.

But yesterday morning I woke up and walked outside to clouds, coolness and that smell.  Yes, that smell everyone covets.  The first time you can sense leaves in the air.  When grass clippings leave your senses and are replaced by the smoky aroma of burning wood.  When the air no longer clings to your skin, but brushes gently past you, leaving a cooling sensation.

I love autumn.

I love that I can ditch my short-shorts for my staple jeans and boots.  That I can layer to my heart's content and throw on a chunky knit hat without getting looks.  That I can grab a spiced pumpkin latte and watch the world go by.  That my fridge will house my grandmother's apple pie.  That the smell of the air will fill the house, making the days feel fresh and nights feel cozy.

That life slows down for a bit when autumn makes an appearance.  No wonder it's the time of year we're so thankful.  How can you not appreciate the little things when the world is going through such a beautiful change.

Okay Fall, I'm ready for ya.  Bring on the hats.


an engaging dress

I need your help.
We're getting our engagement photos taken next week and I haven't the slightest clue what to wear.

Oh wait, back up.
Yes, we're already married.  But our wedding photography package included an engagement session.  So now we're planning to go romp around downtown, smiling at complete strangers in nice clothes.
Call it a 'married for one year and two months' photo session.
We don't mind.  I'm just happy we're finally getting around to this.
Other than my dilemma of course.

See, we're having our session downtown, in a bit more 'trendy' part of town.  And while we're definitely doing the whole jeans/casual look, I'm hoping I can convince Adam to toss on a button-down so we can get some photos that might pass as a sophisticated couple.

So on the off-chance that we do have an outfit change, I want an amazing dress in my back pocket.  One that is timeless, but flattering and hopefully not a huge hole in my budget.

So help me here.  Am I going in the right direction?  Or should I just be throwing something on from my own closet?  What did you wear for your own engagement photos?

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