baby it's cold outside

As in nine degrees.
Which isn't really all that cold for Ohio.  That's the sad but true part.  I'm not at all a cold weather person and Ohio is pretty much next to last on my list of places to live.  But we live here for certain reasons - that's a whole other post someday.  And until we can retire south of the snow line (in like sixty years), we have to come up with ways to stay warm in the cold.

Like stop in at a hole-in-the-wall Cambodian restaurant.
We pass it all the time, but never think to go.

They have the most amazing homemade spring rolls.
I might just order eight of them next time for my meal.  They were divine.

 The best part was that you have three levels of spiciness for your food (mild, medium and hot).  So naturally we ordered medium, which was spicy enough to keep us warm inside.

Oh pickled cabbage.  You are the way to my heart.
Err, stomach.

I think we may have found a new favorite.
I love discovering amazing food.
Impromptu date nights.
And staying warm.


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Megan said...

ugh. stop. just stop.

Hannah said...

YUM. I don't think I've ever had Cambodian food before come to think of it...looks a bit like Thai food?

The BF and I are having so much fun trying new restaurants in our new town...feels like every night is date night :)


Daisy said...

This food looks so good! Ohio looks like a magical town (stomach talking).

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Okay I think I NEED This restaurant in my life! haha Thanks for sharing.... um and how was I not following your blog before?! der.

Emily said...

My stomach instantly growled after seeing this food! It looks delicious! Stay warm!

elegant storms said...

mmm food! plus, homemade egg rolls are pretty easy to make. its just time consuming (: happy day!

lovingsimplemoments said...

That food looks SO good!

Marshall said...

YESSSSS. you speak my food language. this looks soo yummy.

LindsayNicole said...

Looks SOOOOO good!!!

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