when i grow up

It's crazy that I'm 26 and still have the phrase rambling through my mind.
Aren't we supposed to be doing what we were going to do by now?

Adam and I went to the mall the other night.  Shoe shopping.
For him.  Not me.
My husband has a shoe and coat addiction that I haven't quite found the cure for.
But that's something to discuss at another time.

We were walking in front of this group of teenagers who were, well, being teenagers.  Adam stopped to 'tie his shoe'.  Actually, he just stopped and bent down until they passed so we wouldn't have to walk in front of them anymore.
We're officially old.
And over teenage antics.

Just tack that onto the long list of reasons why I'm aching to find my passion in life.

I think I'll start with when I was eight and I was going to be the greatest, bestest teacher in the whole wide world.
No really.
My little sister, Wren and I created a school in our basement.  An easel and old school desk were pulled front and center.  My mom's sewing table acted as the teacher's desk.  And stacks of paper, pencils and stickers were plentiful.  I was constantly creating handouts, drawing on the board, pacing back and forth as my 'students' completed their assignments.
I was a pretty stellar teacher.  
Though I cannot for the life of me remember what important facts I taught at the wise age of eight.
I did enjoy grading though.  And putting stickers on papers.

The rush of being Mrs. Thompson (of course I was married (to JTT).  It was part of my American dream) soon faded and I moved onto many other careers through my childhood.  Including but not limited to:

a boat captain
a wedding planner
an architect
a ballet dancer
perhaps the most prestigious job of all...
a hot dog vendor

What can I say?  I had big dreams.

And I guess at 26 I still do.


Gesci said...

Wow, my 11 year old self would have fought you for JTT... I'm 29 and still have no clue. I have, however, learned to embrace all the adventures and opportunities that I've gotten to take advantage of in the meantime. Other than momentary "my friend from high school is -" moments, it's a pretty freeing way to live. Good luck with the hot dog wedding reception on a boat!!

Corinne said...

haha your hubby tying his shoe sounds like something my fiance and I would do! I still use that phrase, although I think it's about time I retire it and get start getting serious - but how fun is that?
I always played teacher growing up with my younger sister until she realized it was a lot more fun to be the teacher rather than the student ;)

deertale said...

Hubby and I are both 25 and we say the same thing about the teens at the mall. and then we look at each other and say man we're old. You'll find your passion its only a matter of time, eventually if you try enough things something will really stick!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Ive been having these moments with my college aged brothers. I keep forgetting that I am not 22 anymore! Love all your job lists :)

Lauren said...

You were an excellent teacher - I'm sure you taught me some very important life lessons!

Daisy said...

Ahhh! You're in my head! I'm in the same place right now.... I guess time will tell.

Megan said...

when my little brother was young(er) he wanted to be an ice cream man.

dream big.

Nicole said...

oh I get this. I am 29. I went to law school. I'm not a lawyer and I still have no idea what I want to be- all I know is I want to LOVE it and be so so so passionate about it.

Keep reaching for what you want to be:)

Elizabeth Mei said...

That's hilarious that your husband has a shoe addiction. My dad is the only guy I've ever met who loooves shoes. Love this post!


Nicole Marie said...

this is absolutely hilarious!!!
i used to play school too. grading was so fun!! but as a real teacher so NOT fun. i bribe my roommates with dinner so they'll grade hw.

when i was packing for spain i found all my past adventures in figuring out what i wanted to be...
my real estate books, notary license applications, fabric because i wanted to make pillow cases and sell them on etsy, headboard designs so i could make headboards...the list goes on...

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!


Zoƫ said...

My friends and I still stay "when we grow up" all the time...and we're 25 and 26. While it may be time to get over that, I think it keeps us young at heart ;)

Keep dreaming big! xo

Chelsea Coleen said...

in 5th grade i wrote in our memory book that i wanted to be a teacher.... president of the united states...... or millionaire.

unfortunately, i am none of the above. damnit!

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