after work

I get home from work about an hour before Adam does some days.
I love it.
It's my time to unwind.  Take the dog for a longer than normal walk.  Create in the kitchen.
Get caught up on Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure)
Somedays the dog and I just play outside and enjoy the weather.
Somedays we plop ourselves in a chair and just relax.
 He protects the house from the squirrels.
And I indulge in a little light reading (Vogue).
And on days when Adam is late, we get to watch the sky turn from a brilliant blue to a soft pink.
It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Hope you all have a fun weekend!  Happy St Pats :)


christin said...

I WISH I could get home before my boyfriend. That never happens. I'm so jealous.

Ketrin Jones said...

I love my alone time before Tiel gets home from work!! so nice and relaxing. Lovely photos by the way!!

have a great weekend!

Britt said...

My husbands and my schedule is very similar. I love that one hour to unwind for the day. Sometimes it makes all the difference.

Candice said...

Totally agree. I love getting the bit of time to myself to just unwind, catch up on some light reading (InStyle is my fave haha) and chill out. So so needed!

lovingsimplemoments said...

This post reminded me that I need to get more organized so that I do have time at night to sit back... relax... and just unwind. I REALLY, really need to have that quiet time. And I will make it happy. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration! :)

Dancing Branflake said...

I love how relaxing this post is. And having a sweet puppy by your side definitely makes everything better. Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

my favorite time is the hour my husband gets out of bed before i do... i sprawl out and do snow angels in the empty space until i finally feel ready to crawl out of bed. :)

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