And needing a reminder to stop and smell the flowers.
Even if I don't have time.

These past couple weeks have been full of good surprises.
Amazing opportunities.
And just plain awesome people in my life.

I swear I will resume to regular blogging next week when things slow down.
This week just went by too fast.

But for the sake of doing a little research here, can I ask question of you?
Where do you go to get inspired?
Do you take a walk?  Occupy in your local coffee shop?  Peruse your favorite store?

I'm just curious.
Have a lovely weekend friends :)


Andrea Morris said...

I always find inspiration with being outdoors, something with being in the sunlight and fresh air always gets me on track! Have a great weekend!

Gesci said...

I don't know about inspiration, but the best way for me to completely clear my head is to take my dogs out on a walk. We usually go 2.5-4 miles, and, assuming they're being good and listening, they're off lead- meaning all I have to do is keep an eye out. I always come home from that feeling tired but oh, so refreshed mentally! The only inspiration I get from that is to wonder at how lucky I am to live in N Yorks, which I will NEVER take for granted! Hope you have a calmer, more relaxing weekend!

Jessica Wray said...

Stopping to smell the flowers is my motto. Although, in the hustle bustle of life it can sometimes be extremely difficult.

such a cute picture!


SineadElle said...

Coffee shop definitely! I love taking my laptop or a book to a cafe and sitting there for hours! I always focus more :D

Sinead x

Candice said...

Taking a break is very necessary to a renewed and refreshed spirit. I love to go outside, talk with a friend over dinner or coffee, shop for something pretty, listen to some fun music, work out a the gym, journal..all of these are helpful for regaining my inspiration again :)

Chanel // We Belong in Paris said...

I take a break from everything and spend time with family and friends. That usually works. Disconnect with your normal routine and connect with someone or something you haven't spent time doing recently.

lovingsimplemoments said...

Music usually inspires me... :)

Svenja said...

I am totally inspired by everything colorful, but also by new places, new people and nature....

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

too cute :)!

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