on the power of encouragement

Remember that time when I didn't blog for a month?
I'm deeply sorry for that.  Thank you all for bearing with me.  Adam and I are SO overjoyed at all the sweet comments and emails we've gotten since announcing our big news.  I seriously wish I could hug every single one of you for your happiness and kind words.

It has been a rough ten weeks for me.
You know how they say morning sickness goes away at 12 weeks?
They were wrong.
I'm at 17 weeks and still spending more time praying to the porcelain god than I care to mention.  Emotionally it's been hard.  Being unpredictably sick.  Missing out on being with friends and family.  Spending whole days on the couch, not accomplishing anything.  It's draining.  I haven't 'felt' the baby yet, so I'm still in the stage of knowing I'm pregnant, knowing there is something so amazing growing inside of me, but it's all so hard to believe without that 'proof' of a sweet little tap or kick.  Hopefully soon.  I know that every day of sickness is going to erased from my mind as soon as I feel that, and I cannot wait.

Some highlights of pregnancy?

Baby loves potatoes.  I have been a mashed potato eating machine.  And am fully prepared to demolish Thanksgiving.

Further proof that I married the sweetest, most wonderful man in the world.  There are no words to describe the support he has given me.  His patience with my mood swings and forgetfulness.  His ability to soothe my tears when I'm fed up with being hungry and unable to eat.  His insistence that I rest and leave all the housework to him.
His sweetness when he bends down to ask the baby to take it easy on mama for a few days so she can rest and eat some normal food.
His sweetness, oh my word, he is going to be the best daddy.

 My friends from near and far.  The happiness shared with my girlfriends here.  The encouraging words received via email and snail mail.  Quick notes from Megan who makes me pee my pants in laughter.  Sweet mail from Candice who is always so full of encouragement.  And my More Love Letters family.  Who are always filling my inbox with emails that fill me with hope.  And make me feel grateful for having a chance to raise my child in a world where people like them exist.  Seriously, this child is going to have 30 aunts by the time they make their debut in this world.

The constant burning of my Home For The Holidays Yankee Candle to keep all smells away.  My house has smelled like Christmas for the past three months and I intend on keeping it that way.

My mama and MIL.  They are the support system I've always had but have been depending on like crazy lately.  From making extra helpings of potatoes for me, to giving up a weekend to paint the baby's room, to the simplest text of 'what can I make you for dinner tonight that you'll be able to keep down.'
Yeah, mamas are the best invention ever.

Which makes me even more excited that I get to be one.
I can't wait to love all up on this child.


Bon Bon said...

It's all worth it in the end:-) So hope that pesky morning, (let's be honest, morning-afternoon-evening) sickness goes away and pronto! I literally woke up one morning in my 2nd trimester and felt "normal" again! xoxo

Megan said...

that baby is so lucky to have me.

Chelsea said...

have you tried seabands?! they are little wristbands with a plastic ball that rests on your pressure points that relieve nausea.

Amira said...

Girl, I feel your pain! I threw up like the exorcist from about 6 weeks to 14 weeks. I actually started to get really depressed about it and vowed that I would only have one child. Around 15 weeks I started to feel a little more human and was functioning again by 16. I am now 30 weeks and I have to tell you that most of my second trimester (and all of my third so far) have been amazing. I started to feel little movements around 19 weeks which made it SO much more real, and finding out the gender did as well. You just have to keep telling yourself that this is temporary, because it is.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Congrats! And I am sorry you are so sick. I hope it goes away soon!

Maria said...

Once again, congratulations! I hope you start feeling a little bit better soon! Can't wait to meet your beautiful baby!

Kara said...

That sucks so bad that you're still having morning (or all day) sickness. I was lucky and didn't have it. But just you wait - once you feel that little one move about, it will all be worth it. I think I felt flutters around 18 weeks - so it's going to soon for you, for sure!

Angie Bailey said...

Ahhhhhh, you look so cute with your baby bump! Pregnancy belly? I have no idea what the preferred term is, but I do love how cute you look. :D

Hannah Brencher said...

I cant... I just cant... There are no words to describe how grateful I am for you and how thankful I am that the team has grown so tightly knit. Seriously.

You are going to be the best mommy. You just stay strong! We all support ya :)



Adrienne Gomer said...

I know how you feel! With my daughter I was so sick for so long during my pregnncy I was convinced I'd never have another child, but she turned out to be the world's easiest baby! The world has a way of rewarding you for hard work. Three years later with eyes squinted shut we tried again and that time my pregnancy was WAY different! I was nauseous for two weeks, threw up maybe once and then felt great the rest of my pregnancy. So don't worry, not every pregnancy is the same.

Mia said...

Congrats! I'm sure the sickness will pass soon :)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Ah sweet girl, I am so sorry!! i had terrible morning (all day!!) sickness too and it was the worst 6 weeks of my life... I was the worst wife, daughter and friend and all I did was moan. But those closest and so special to me were amazing support and held my hand (and hair back) through it all.

All i can say is - it does get easier and it is worth it in the end. For some reason, you forget it all when those big eyes are staring back at you.

Hope it starts to ease soon. Thinking of you.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Congratulations on your baby news! That's so exciting! Just found your blog from Sarah's and just adore it :) I am also due in April (april 25th) and just found out I'm having a girl! Do you know what your having?
Congrats again!

And ps- I didn't blog for about 2months, too!

Sarah Tucker said...

I am so sorry! really, it is awful. At my stage of the game, I still have to take zofran. I tried not to the other week which ended with all of my lunch in the nearest trash can within minutes. it stinks. but it is worth it. i'm even ready for labor and I thought I'd never say that.

but this post is old... so I'm hoping everything is subsiding. if not, just sending lots of hugs and loves.

Mr. Road Trip said...

Have your hubby check out the new blog I started last week. http://dadtricks.blogspot.com/
is my way of sharing tricks to others, dads especially, on how to take care of their kids.

Hope you get over being sick!

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