five tips for a brighter day

It's no secret that lately there's been a lot going on in my life.
A whole lotta good that is.
Which leaves me feeling blessed, but overwhelmed.  And tired.
Some days I get in a bit of funk, from working and dreaming and trying to do it all.
So here are my little tips for feeling revived, light-hearted and carefree when sometimes the to-do list never seems to end.

What's your secret to getting through busy weeks?



And needing a reminder to stop and smell the flowers.
Even if I don't have time.

These past couple weeks have been full of good surprises.
Amazing opportunities.
And just plain awesome people in my life.

I swear I will resume to regular blogging next week when things slow down.
This week just went by too fast.

But for the sake of doing a little research here, can I ask question of you?
Where do you go to get inspired?
Do you take a walk?  Occupy in your local coffee shop?  Peruse your favorite store?

I'm just curious.
Have a lovely weekend friends :)


she loves me

Simple things are what really make my day.
A bike ride with my husband.
A warm cup of grey earl tea in bed.

Fresh flowers from my SIL's garden.
The smell of newly cut grass.

Squirrel watching with my pup.
Daydates with girlfriends.
Sweet packages in the mail.

Like this necklace from Megan's little shop.
I adore it.

For more of what's making me smile, check out my post over on Michaela Noelle Designs :)


non-easter dinner

Just a few photos from Saturday's non-Easter dinner.
Non-Easter because we had Easter dinner on Sunday.
But needed an excuse to spend a Saturday evening devouring good food with even better friends and family.

Of course, I found out around lunchtime that day that we would be hosting this little event.
  So I didn't really have time to throw a table setting together other than using what I already had.
Some vases from around the house, spring flowers and bowls of colorful candies.
Sometimes simple is best.
Especially when you need extra room for all the delicious food.

Fresh Parmesan roasted asparagus
And brussel sprouts with roasted garlic and shallots.

And summer desserts.
Creamy lemon squares topped with lemon zest and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.
And fruit-topped cream cheese sugar cookies.

Non-holidays might be the best holidays.
I wish every Saturday was filled with dinners like this.


new gig

I hold a 7-4 job like everyone else.
But still find time to do a little moonlighting here and there.

For those of you that know what I do for a living, this announcement will not come as a shock.
I kind of have a thing for handwritten notes.
For taking the time to send more than an email or a text.

I love knowing that regardless of how my day is going, someone else is having a good one.
Perhaps because I left them a little love letter to brighten their morning.
On a card specifically selected for this purpose.

Yes.  You could say I have a thing for stationary and cards.

Which is why my newest position as The World Needs More Love Letters Stationary Scouter is so near and dear to my heart!  Every other week I'll be sharing some of my favorite stationary finds.  From well-known designers to independent artists, you'll be sure to find the perfect stationary or card to brighten someone else's day.

Don't have anyone in mind to write a note to?
Not a problem.
The World Needs More Love Letters collects and delivers letters to anyone in need to a little pick-me-up.

Check out my first post now...featuring some of my favorite watercolor designs :)


hopkins house

I went to a bridal shower this weekend for Adam's cousin.
It was in the middle of nowhere.
I'm serious.  Go to the middle of nowhere and then go ten more miles.
You will find the Hopkins House.

A quaint little bed and breakfast that appears just over the hill.
First built in 1870, the original home was burned to the ground in 1902.
And so, Harold Hopkins, at the age of ten, designed a new home to be built on the existing foundation.
At the age of ten this kid designed a home.

Although still maintained by the Hopkins family, the home is now open as a bed and breakfast.
With hardwood floors, french doors and simple white curtains.

Oh, and a two-story library.
My dream.

Sweet little touches scattered throughout.

If it wasn't so far away from civilization, I would definitely spend a night here.

Oh.  And this is my 'I can't BELIEVE I forgot my camera' face.

[navy h&m dress, mint and grey braided belts from h&m, chocolate tights from target, enzo angiolini boots]

 Thank heavens for cell phones.
Even if they take blurry photos in low light.
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