olympic party

Every couple of years the world gives us an excuse to throw a party for a reason.
Other than the fact that it's Friday.

So of course we took full advantage of the opening ceremonies by inviting a few friends over to watch.

I thought the cupcakes needed to show some Olympic spirit, so I dolled them up a bit.

And just when you thought that you couldn't get better than cupcakes for dessert.
My girl Suzi brings in the Cake Batter Fudge.

And fruity white sangria.
Heaven.  In a pitcher.

We did actually attempt to watch the opening ceremonies.
It's not Britain's fault.
Well, it kind of is.
But compared to the past few years, I found the ceremony rather dull and a bit lifeless.  It was hard to keep interested.  Although the Paul McCartney bit was stellar.
We kept up the Olympic spirit.And held our own games.
Of badminton.

No Gold Medals were awarded since the game was called on account of rain.  But I think the celebratory drinks soothed any complaints.


if you really knew me...

everyone else is doing it so why not?
megan.. (side eye)

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I talk with my dog.  Not just in the sense that I'm talking aloud to myself, but that I'm actually having a conversation with him.  Don't judge, if you had a dog you'd do it too.

You'd know that I am the holy grail for mosquitoes everywhere.  I swear they go on a pilgrimage to find me.
You'd know that I cannot stand the smell of metal.  And will avoid touching coins if possible because of it.  That and I can sometimes be a germ-a-phoebe.

 You'd know that I sometimes get overwhelmed in social situations.

You'd know that the smell of chlorine calms me.  A somewhat nostalgic effect from my lifeguarding days.

You'd know that I love rainy weather.  Even more than sunshine.  Even if that sounds depressing.  A cloudy day with steady rain is bliss to me.

You'd know that I get my energy from being alone.  Ten minutes with a sunrise and a cup of Earl Grey tea are enough to fuel me for the entire day.

You'd know that I used to fear change.  So much that I was in tears when my mom moved one of the kitchen cabinets around.  Now change can't come soon enough.  I'm constantly moving...everything...in our house.  Enjoying the burst of energy each new placement brings.
It drives my husband insane. 

You'd know that I've given up control over that past few months.  Left things to chance, to God, to the planets aligning.  This is a big step for me. 

You'd know that I'm sporadically emotional.  Over nothing.

You'd know that I am constantly freezing.  Even in eighty degree weather. My dream would be to live down south where I don't have to live in fear of being caught without a sweater.

You'd know that water is my jam.  I have a strong obsession with oceans, lakes, pools, streams and anything that goes along with it (like marinas).



I spent last week in the heaven that is sometimes called the Outer Banks.
I'm never one to say 'no' to a week in the tropics, but if given the choice I'd choose this slice of island over any other.
It's not hard to see why.

second day smiles | grilling in the rain | sweetest dreams to all | super psyched
 lazy pool days | ropes are my jam | headbanz is the new tourettes | mint coffee mugs
nephew and uncle | morning view | pier exploration | just cousins being cousins

Much love to Michaela, Candice, Megan and Daisy for holding down the fort here.
I'm sending you virtual hugs.

fame's best moments || daisy

Some days I totally wish I were Daisy.
Mainly because she's met Selena Gomez and I am absolutely convinced that Selena is my long-lost-soul-mate-of-a-best-friend.
Mainly because I'm in love with her hair.
Not so much because of her taste in men.

Anyway, I'm super excited to have Daisy here today.
Telling you all about how she schmoozes with the famous people.
And is the star of big parades.

She's a big deal this girl :)


Hi Busy Girl readers! I'm so glad Nicole asked me to guest post today. So today I'm suppose too write about my claim to fame, and you would think living in LA I would have a ton of stories... but not really. I care about being famous about as much as my grandma cares about my latest Twitter post. I only have a handful of celebrities that I would enjoy meeting, and the Kardashians are not on that list. My celebrity must meets are any of The Clippers, Selena Gomez, Shila Buff, Hughe Jackman, Sam Worthington, Jennifer Aniston, and Sandra Bullock.

So the closest I have gotten to a claim to fame would have to be coming out in the Rose Parade, at least that's what my mom says. It was the single proudest moment of my middle school life. She videotaped and told my whole family about it. I even got a little pin that said I was in the rose parade. So I'm sure you're super curious as to what I did. Was I on a float? No. I was in band. Yes you heard that right. I was 5th row saxophone player. If any of you are thinking nerd think again. I came out on TV people!! That totally classifies as celebrity status. Because you know who else comes out on TV? Famous people (and a bunch of nobody's).

My other claim to fame was when I wore the same pants as Selena Gomez (Eeek). Selena Gomez is one of my favorite celebrities. She is hilarious, down too earth,  and fashionable, three things I love. In case you have any doubts about my love for Selena you can read this post. I tweeted once that we wore the same pants but she didn't respond. I'm not bitter or anything. It's fine! I'm sure she's a very busy person. Really, I'm fine.

So if any of you have any doubts about my fame, my mom has the video to prove it.


fame's best moments || megan

I am not a swimmer.
Just thought I'd put it out there.
Even after being a lifeguard for seven years, I still prefer the doggie paddle to something that remotely looks like a coordinated stroke.
I also tend to wear a lifejacket whenever the water is more than 15 feet deep.
It's a fashion statement.

Compared to me, Megan from Freckled Italian looks like she could be the next big thing in the swim world.  Lucky her, being all coordinated and such.
She's also hilarious, quirky and a soon-to-be-in-real-life-friend.
All things that I like.


Hey friends, I'm Megan. As the London Olympics draw near, I thought I'd share my favorite swimming story with you.

Back in high school, I was quite the swimmer. Two practices and probably five or six meals a day, a few times a week in the weight room, and working my ass off in the pool and weight room all led to one huge meet, which my team and I would prepare for with extra enthusiasm as we threw away our razors for several months, growing out our leg hair in hopes that the extra drag would make us even a millisecond faster on race day.

This story begins after Michael Phelps had just been to his first Olympics, in 2004. He's from Maryland, if you didn't know, and he used to swim for the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, which is the pool where our aforementioned biggest meet of the year used to be held. We were all pumped, because he was on the heat sheet for several races at this year's meet.

Let me tell you a little bit about warm-up pools--basically, they're a necessary evil at swim meets. They're over-crowded and anxiety-fueled and hard to move in, but hey, ya gotta warm up. I was in the warm-up pool in Baltimore that year, getting ready for my 200 breast stroke, when suddenly, someone ran over me. At this point, everyone has shaved pretty much any existing body hair off, so after my slippery legs came around and kicked this person's bigger, just as slippery leg, I turned around to say, "Sorry, man!" and was surprised to see Michael Phelps looking right at me with a little bit of disgust on his face.

I had just kicked Michael Phelps right in the leg.

"Oh! Sorry about that!" I panted, treading water in our lane, wondering if now was a bad time to ask him to sign my cap or my arm or my face or whatever. But in that moment, he wasn't interested in signing an autograph or talking to me or really doing anything else but swim. And then he solved the dilemma of the warm-up pool:

"If you'd just keep going, we wouldn't have to stop."

Gee, thanks Michael. I had no idea you were so revolutionary in your thinking.

Either way, I still met up with him later and got him to sign a couple shirts.


fame's best moments || candice

 I have a real treat for you today.
One of my favorite people in the whole world is stopping by on the blog today.
Spending the day with Candice was one of the greatest days ever.
You should so try it.

She's one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've ever met.
And I'm so grateful that she's one of my real life friends now.
Also, she's practically famous.
Read on to find out why.


Hi BusyGirl readers! I'm Candice from Teatime Thoughts and today Nicole asked me to share about my "15 minutes of fame" experience. (It's actually like 2 seconds, but hey, it counts, right??)
Attending a college that has a huge fine arts program definitely has it's advantages. There's always "aspiring musicians" playing guitar and singing to you up and down all the sidewalks as you make your way to class, and there was no shortage of singers, actors and film crews for whenever creativity strikes. I was on my way back from class one evening, and headed to a meeting when I got a text from a friend saying that there was a music video for a well-known group being filmed tonight, and wanted to know if I was interested in being in it. Not being one to miss a good opportunity, I skipped the meeting and headed out to the producer's home where tonight's scenes were being filmed. We had all been instructed to wear t-shirts and jeans..preferably something that we didn't mind getting a little wet in. For the next 2 hours, we danced around, hung out with the band and acted like we were at an epic pool party, ending with all of us jumping into the water..fully clothed. Yes, including shoes. It was so much fun, and the guys in the band were super nice, and graciously took photos and chatted with us. So, here's the music video..I'm the girl in the blue Duke shirt who jumps into the water in her jeans, t-shirt and Converse. (those shoes didn't make it back home after that)
Hanging out with Blanca from the band after our pool party madness..
So there's my few minutes of music video fame. I know, I know..I'll be signing autographs later. 


fame's best moments || michaela

I'm hanging out in the Outer Banks for the next little bit, my heaven on earth.
In an attempt to sign off for the majority of the week I asked a few of my favorites to share a random moment of their lives.
One involving their fifteen minutes of fame.
Whether it be real fame or just their proudest moment.

Yes, I'll share mine at the end of this.
Fair's fair.

First up is Michaela.
Who is the sweetest girl with the most amazing taste.  She's an interior design guru and is utterly gorgeous.
She's also a stellar singer.
Don't believe me?
Read on...


Hi Busy Girl readers! Thanks to lovely the Nicole for inviting me to guest post for her today. I'm Michaela and I blog over at Michaela Noelle Designs, writing about my passion: interior design. I also share about fashion, hair ideas, and my obsession with my puppy, Anthropologie, chevron and peonies. It's a party:)

Today I'm excited to go in a slightly different direction as I share about my 15 minutes of fame. Let me just say I loved this topic, because when I was little I was a total attention hog. As soon as my little brother came along when I was three, a totally new "me" came out. Her name was crazy-show stealin'- constantly singing and performing- Michaela.  I'm sure my parents loved it.  Any time someone was paying more attention to my brother than me, I'd break out into song and make whoever was in the room watch me yell sing into my purple microphone. (Not sure what my dad was thinking when he made this for me!)

Luckily, over the years my yelling turned into actual singing and I ended up doing musical theatre all through grade school and high school. Some of my favorite shows were Romeo and Juliet, Guys & Dolls and Thoroughly Modern Millie (in which I had to learn a Southern accent for my character...talk about awesome).

So while my true 15 minutes of fame came in high school when I was in my first "big" musical, I like to think it all started back in the living room with the purple microphone made from PVC pipes...wearing my Minnie Mouse nightgown.  Oh, to be three again!

Thanks, Nicole, for having me today! 


fort myers

Just one last quick recap of the girls trip I took down to Fort Myers with my sister, Wren and our mamas a few weeks ago.  I already gushed over the marina, discovering Sanibel and getting spend a day with Candice.
But I did other things too.

Every morning began with a 3 mile hike walk through the community, along the marina and around the golf course.

Yes, I went on a three mile walk.  With minimal complaining.  You wouldn't complain either if you saw some of these wintering homes people had built along the harbour.
I better start saving my pennies now.

Even on cloudy mornings the walks continued.
Sometimes over to the tiny island that separated the marina from the open bay.

Wildlife.  It's everywhere.
Mornings were spent at the pool or the beach.

Then we retired to our condo for wine, margaritas and even a game as the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in.

[wren, me, my little sister, my mama and wren's mama]

Before heading out to local spots for dinner.
Our favorite?
Excellent grouper, excellent beer and even more excellent service.

A great girls trip!  Perfectly lazy and fun.
Plus we got my mom hooked on Blue Moon.
And that my friends, is priceless.


I'm off for some more vacation next week.
Rest assured I have some friends willing to entertain you while I'm gone.
They're sharing their 15 minutes of fame or famous run-ins.
Guaranteed to be some good reads.


AND...check out some of this amazing summer stationary I've been drooling over in this post on More Love Letters.


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