on living here

If you had told seventeen-year-old me that I would be spending the adult portion of my life living in Cleveland, I would have told you that you needed to get your head examined.
There was no way that I would be living in Cleveland.
I was itching to get out, get away, live a life without fear of blustery cold winters.

I never made it very far.  Only two hours south for about six years.  I had a good run down in Columbus.  It was a beautiful city, full of life and love.  But ultimately my life, my love, Adam was destined to be in Cleveland for the unforeseeable future.
I made the decision to come back north.

To a city I swore I'd never live in.
To a climate I despised.
To an area that was all too familiar and lacking in adventure.

It was a painful two weeks.  Agonizing over my decision to leave.  Packing up every book, saying goodbye to friends, signing off from a job that I liked a decent amount.  Not knowing what was in store for me two hours away.  Feeling like I was jumping into a situation that I might not be able to get out of.

It's been exactly two and half years since I made that drive.
And now I don't know what I would have done had I not.

I love being here.
Yes.  It's Cleveland.
The city notorious for catching our river on fire and being called the 'mistake on the lake'.
Where winter takes on its own form of hell as you battle lake effect snow up to your waist.
Where you root for the losers in every game.  Because that's how Cleveland rolls.

But it's Cleveland.

A city where we've both been able to secure jobs that we absolutely LOVE.  Every morning isn't filled with dread, but with calm that comes with being able to spend your day how you want to.  
A place where we're able to live in a beautiful home without stretching beyond our means.  A home we can truly make our own.  A home that is mere minutes from family, from friends, from every restaurant and store known to mankind.
A city where we've been able to reconnect with old friends, make new ones and have adventures we never thought possible.
A place with amazing food.  Thank you Michael Symon and Jonathan Sawyer.
A city where there are no fair-weather fans.  Anyone can root for the usually-winning Steelers, but it takes a real fan to root for the always-down-on-their-luck Browns.

This isn't the place I imagined myself living for the rest of my life.
But now that I'm here, I really couldn't be happier.

Unless we got rid of lake effect snow.  Then I'd be ecstatic.
Do you love where you live?


a barber, a loin cloth and some rain

Adam's been going to the same barber since he was three.
He's this delightful Greek man, who chit-chats and always has a story to tell.
The week before our wedding he demanded that I come watch him cut Adam's hair.
Just to make sure it was exactly as I wanted it for our big day.
I kind of love him for that.

This man has given Adam many things over the course of the years.
Advice, fresh vegetables, and most recently, a handful of seeds.
Which Adam planted at the end of our driveway.

Needless to say, I was surprised to come home one day to find the seeds had sprouted into a tropical looking plant with leaves larger than your typical dinner plate.
Good loin cloth making leaves.

I keep telling Adam there's a business to be had here.

The seed bundles remind me of sea urchins.
Except you can pet them without fear.

 I'm glad I braved the rain yesterday.
A few water droplets never hurt anyone.

Let me know if you're in the market for an Adam & Eve costume for Halloween.
I just might have some materials you can use.

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