you might want to read this one.

Joy: a state of happiness or felicity, a source or cause of delight.

Joy is a word that I've spent a lot of time thinking about lately.  Contemplating the moments that fill me with it.  Thanking the people who make joy possible.  Relishing in the feeling it brings.
See, I've been a little preoccupied with life lately.  And the joy that life can bring.
 Wondering why?
I won't keep you in suspense :)

We have some news to share...

And we are over the moon excited about it.
Well, maybe the dog isn't, but Adam and I sure are :)

Every good and perfect gift is from above... [James 1:17]



 This morning was the perfect fall day.  The leaves are just starting to change, the air was brisk but not cold.  Beautiful.  It made me want to throw away my schedule and spend the morning walking around town, breathing in the air and relishing in the colors.  I had to settle for taking the long way to work, but at least I could drive down my favorite street in our town, past the school and under the arching trees.
It was almost a perfect morning.

I finally started decorating for fall the other week.
And by decorating, I mean put out the two fallish items I have.  Being in my twenties, I haven't acquired the vast amount of seasonal decor that I aim to have.
Instead I make do with my existing candles.  Dressing them up in twine.

Pull out precious family gifts, like this handmade ceramic leaf.

And scour the dollar aisle at Target for a few items to add to my collection every year.
Like this grapevine pumpkin.

 Now I'm on a hunt for the perfect fall candle to burn.
 What's your go-to scent this time of year?
I'm leaning towards Pier 1's Spiced Cake
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