Hi!  I'm Nicole and I'm glad you're here :)

 I love photography, laughter and creating in the kitchen.
 I cannot function without coffee.
I adore peonies, peaches, springtime and the color grey.
Perfect moments consist of summer nights on the lake, sharing dessert and twinkle lights.

My husband is my favorite.
I'm a true puppymom.
Yes, I believe having a dog makes you a mom. 

I'm also growing a human.
I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment :)
He'll make his arrival sometime in April 2013 and I am counting the days until I can cuddle this sweet baby of mine!

I'm kind of busy most of the time.
Other than my day-job, this blog, being a wife and a [future] mom, I spend time moonlighting here and here.

Okay, I'm really busy all of the time.
But I love getting to share part of my day with you all.

I'm kind of really glad you stopped by :)


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